3 Simple Tips to Increase Forklift Battery Life

By doing preventative maintenance checks on your forklift battery, you can increase its lifespan by up to 40%. This also decreases expenses and improves battery safety. An average forklift battery can serve your company for 6000 hours, but not everyone knows regular maintenance is REQUIRED to achieve that peak performance.

Use these three easy tips to help preserve the life of your forklift battery:

  1. Check the water level in the battery – Water is very important in maintaining the life of the battery. The water gets heated up and with time, the water levels WILL come down. Check and maintain water levels regularly but do not overfill.
  2. Do not do an “opportunity charge” – A battery’s longevity is determined by how many charge cycles it’s undergone. By doing an “ opportunity charge”, it decreases the battery’s efficiency and may result in no charge at all over time. Do not let the battery go below 20%. At that point, the electrical components run hot and could result in significant damage including motor failure and burned components.
  3. Be aware of your battery’s condition – One of the main reasons why forklift batteries fail is sulphonation. If you notice white crystals on the lead plate, neither the battery or the forklift are performing as they should. If the battery has been in use for years, it may be time to replace.

3 thoughts on “3 Simple Tips to Increase Forklift Battery Life”

  1. It was interesting to learn that in a forklift battery, there is water, and that water should always be maintained. My husband has been thinking of getting a forklift for our farm. If he does end up getting one, knowing how to properly maintain it will keep it around much longer.

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