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7 Ways IIoT Will Boost Your Business

There’s no doubt that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is one of the most exciting and revenue-driving innovations to hit the industrial electrical and manufacturing markets in years. It takes PoE and the IoT one step further, delivering unrestrained evolution in Enterprise IT and Operations. Simply put, IIoT allows industrial “things” to not only talk to each other, but evolve together intelligently. By using far more data (aka big data), much faster and more efficiently than ever before.

In most industrial plants you’ll find sensors, software and controls that are outdated and hard to work with, making it very difficult to add new parts or upgrades. Data from various sources like plant devices, management applications and 3rd parties allow only basic integration. Aging operational systems aren’t easily replaced, and open up security risks as capabilities become less viable.  Whether at the device, product or plant level, there is very little embedded computing or intelligent control.

Early adopters of IIoT can expect significant opportunity and growth as their scope of abilities increases drastically. And while being on the cutting edge is never easy, security concerns being one of the biggest hurdles to overcome, the reasons to take the initiative with IIoT are clear:

  1. See the whole picture – with a real-time, big data view of machines, entire systems and overall activities
  2. Respond faster – with more timely and accurate data
  3. Increase quality and production – when problems are detected and resolved earlier and more precisely
  4. Boost revenue – when systems and operations management are at peak speed and efficiency
  5. Drive innovations – as machines learn, adapt and improve as an intelligent production team
  6. Refine the workforce – as more complex tasks become automated and new positions like data science, software development, hardware engineering and other specialists emerge
  7. Expand business models – as product-service hybrids and digital services open up unexplored areas of revenue

With IIoT, all communications and operations technologies will work cohesively with IT, meshing in the cloud and likely accessing a hoard of future software-enabled services to further refine productivity. There is even more to be imagined and defined as this technology takes off.

Find out how to grow with this technology and reach out to a qualified electrical or communications contractor that’s pioneering its potential.

2 thoughts on “7 Ways IIoT Will Boost Your Business”

  1. You guys are right the IOT is here and on an industrial level it is huge. Well the entire IOT is huge. This is an exciting and fast evolving technology that is essentially infinite. All around big bucks to be made on this one.

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