Avoid this Mistake to Increase Efficiency & Lower Costs at Your Facility

Manufacturing plants, hospitals and other facilities operate with a host of expensive machinery that can be hard to replace. With 30% of insurance loss caused by electrical fire, waiting for a problem to occur can be very expensive.

It only takes a 10° rise in temperature to cut a motor’s lifespan in half. When that happens it can result in equipment damage, loss of production and line shut downs. Thermal testing (aka infrared scanning) is not only beneficial for most large facilities, but essential. So it’s important not to forget annual infrared testing when it comes to long-term safety and productivity.

With an infrared camera, an electrician detects abnormal energy patterns caused by loose connectors, faulty breakers, damaged switches and other problems—before they cause damage. Make sure your contractor includes a detailed report with infrared images showing hot spots and temperature ranges. It should recommend a fix or permanent upgrade solution to prevent critical equipment failure.

When infrared imaging is built into your PM program, industry studies show a 4:1 savings and ROI, with lowered insurance rates and less down time.

3 Simple Tips to Increase Forklift Battery Life

By doing preventative maintenance checks on your forklift battery, you can increase its lifespan by up to 40%. This also decreases expenses and improves battery safety. An average forklift battery can serve your company for 6000 hours, but not everyone knows regular maintenance is REQUIRED to achieve that peak performance.

Use these three easy tips to help preserve the life of your forklift battery:

  1. Check the water level in the battery – Water is very important in maintaining the life of the battery. The water gets heated up and with time, the water levels WILL come down. Check and maintain water levels regularly but do not overfill.
  2. Do not do an “opportunity charge” – A battery’s longevity is determined by how many charge cycles it’s undergone. By doing an “ opportunity charge”, it decreases the battery’s efficiency and may result in no charge at all over time. Do not let the battery go below 20%. At that point, the electrical components run hot and could result in significant damage including motor failure and burned components.
  3. Be aware of your battery’s condition – One of the main reasons why forklift batteries fail is sulphonation. If you notice white crystals on the lead plate, neither the battery or the forklift are performing as they should. If the battery has been in use for years, it may be time to replace.

Time to Add Electric Vehicle Charging Stations?

Public use charging stations are being installed everywhere in the United States. As people become more energy and cost conscious, employers are accommodating and encouraging employee efforts as part of their company’s energy initiatives.

Vehicle charging stations are an ideal and effective solution for industrial plants, municipalities, hotels, airports and malls to initiate—and are becoming increasingly more popular. A survey conducted by the United States Department of Energy stated that workers are 20 times more likely to buy a plug in car if their employer offers at work charging.

To evaluate your facility’s need for electrical vehicle charging, consider the questions below.

  • How many staff are at your facility?
  • How many of them might be interested in energy and/or environmental conservation?
  • How many staff currently own electric or hybrid vehicles?
  • How strong is your company’s stand on green solutions and energy savings?
  • Is keeping up with the times and technology important to your facility?
  • Is there space to accommodate it in the parking lot or other accessible spots?

Up to the end of 2014 there were tax breaks available for adding EVCs. Check with your accountant and insurance providers to explore benefits, then be sure to contact an electrician certified to install EV charging stations.

Get an Award-winning Team on Your Next Project

We believe in treating our customers as we would want to be treated. Here’s how that philosophy has been recognized over the past year!

  • 2015 Athena Award – Awarded in May to Elaine Judd, Arc’s President and CEO; sponsored by the Berger Family Dealerships. This Greater Hazleton Chamber award is presented each year to a local area businesswoman for outstanding professional achievement.
  • 2014 YWCA Pearl Award – In March, Elaine was honored as one of six recipients of the 29th annual award, recognizing outstanding business women for their professionalism, excellence, achievement, leadership and value as a responsible role model in the community.
  • 2014 AngiesList.com Super Service Award – In February, our residential and generator division, The Wire Guys, was recognized for superior performance and customer reviews.
  • 2014 Small Business of the Year – Last fall, The Wire Guys team was also recognized by the Hazleton Chamber for their outstanding business and employer reputation.

If you’d like to experience outstanding performance on your next electrical project, just give us a call at (570) 455-2370.