Avoid this Mistake to Increase Efficiency & Lower Costs at Your Facility

Manufacturing plants, hospitals and other facilities operate with a host of expensive machinery that can be hard to replace. With 30% of insurance loss caused by electrical fire, waiting for a problem to occur can be very expensive.

It only takes a 10° rise in temperature to cut a motor’s lifespan in half. When that happens it can result in equipment damage, loss of production and line shut downs. Thermal testing (aka infrared scanning) is not only beneficial for most large facilities, but essential. So it’s important not to forget annual infrared testing when it comes to long-term safety and productivity.

With an infrared camera, an electrician detects abnormal energy patterns caused by loose connectors, faulty breakers, damaged switches and other problems—before they cause damage. Make sure your contractor includes a detailed report with infrared images showing hot spots and temperature ranges. It should recommend a fix or permanent upgrade solution to prevent critical equipment failure.

When infrared imaging is built into your PM program, industry studies show a 4:1 savings and ROI, with lowered insurance rates and less down time.

One thought on “Avoid this Mistake to Increase Efficiency & Lower Costs at Your Facility”

  1. Wow, I didn’t know that 30% of insurance loss was caused by electrical fires. I guess electrical fires are more prevalent than I thought they were. That’s really interesting that an electrician can use an infrared camera to find damaged switches or other problems. I’ll have to call someone in to do an inspection just to make sure there aren’t any abnormal energy patterns that could cause a fire.

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