Protect Your Investments

Video surveillance in the workplace protects both the company and its employees.  The importance of a video camera surveillance system in the workplace or home often justifies its cost.

  • Record criminal or negligent activity in parking lots to protect your workforce from attack, abuse, or other harassment.
  • Managers and supervisors can utilize surveillance to monitor employee productivity and determine methods to increase efficiency
  • Maintenance staff can use cameras to monitor equipment either from a process improvement standpoint on a manufacturing line, detect equipment in need of repair, or determine the cause of a failure.
  • Cameras in a retail environment are vital to protecting inventory.

We’ll design the right system for you

In order to install a camera system that is going to perform properly on your network and produce usable footage in the event of an incident many factors need to be considered.  Arc Electric has the experts to design the right camera system for any application.

  • Designed with video resolution, codecs, aspect ratios, and frame rates in mind
  • Proper network and bandwidth requirements as video traffic flows between endpoints
  • Video access any time, any place
  • Remote view via mobile and in another location in the facility
  • Latest technology to give you peace of mind