Fire Alarm Systems and Life Safety – with Arc Electric

There’s nothing more important than life safety and we take that very seriously.

Fire alarm systems, like everything else, unfortunately do not last forever.  They must be upgraded due to age, nuisance alarms interrupting your work force or manufacturing processes, or perhaps a building expansion.

Arc Electric can design a system for proper operation, protection of personnel and equipment, and in accordance to NFPA72 code.  We can evaulate your current system, troubleshoot existing issues, and help make the best recommendation moving forward.

If providing a new system, we will design, install, wire, and commission the new system.  In many cases elevator upgrades are necessary and we will work with the vendor to ensure proper operation.  We can ensure correct functions of HVAC controls, shunt trips, and ansul systems in the event of a fire.

Maintenance and Fire Alarm System Monitoring

Like all equipment, fire alarm systems must be maintained to ensure proper operation and protect occupant safety as well as equipment.  Attempting to maintain old analog systems can increase costs over time.  Arc Electric offers the latest in addressable systems. These systems are capable of checking sensitivity of the detectors automatically and handling other supervisory functions, which is a definite advantage over a conventional analog system that must have the detector’s sensitivity checked manually.

Arc Electric can provide the following:

  • Troubleshoot and consult on new or existing systems
  • Offer addressable systems with daily verification of detector status to avoid nuisance alarms
  • Voice evacuation systems to alert occupants in the event of an emergency
  • Maintenance contracts to properly maintain your system
  • Monitoring contracts for daily monitoring of your system
  • The right tools and equipment to initially commission the system and perform testing in accordance with NFPA72

Upgrade my fire alarm system.